Solowheel - The Original Self-Balancing Unicycle

10 MPH maximum speed
10 Mile Range
1500 Watt Motor
1 Hour Charge Time
Regenerative Braking
Built-in intelligent balancing chip
No Beeping at high speeds
Foldable footrests
IPS 65 Waterproofing
Low-battery warning system
220 Pound Weight Limit
122 Watt Battery

24 Pound Weight
16" Tires
8" x 17" x 19" Dimensions


This is the first one to hit the market, and it's based right in the US.  That means better support and warranty (no having to ship units overseas.)  They also have the most powerful motor, taking hills much easier than the Airwheel.  The Airwheel and Ninebot also start beeping as you approach top speed, the solowheel remains silent allowing you to keep silent at full speed.  These features do come at a price premium though.

$1595 - Buy Black Unit Now

$1495 - Buy White Unit Now

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