Ninebot One E+   The Most Advanced Self-Balancing Unicycle

13.6 MPH maximum speed
22 Mile Range
Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity with smartphone apps
Iridescent Atmosphere Lamp - customized lights and patterns can be programmed
Built-in intelligent balancing chip
Foldable footrests
IPS 65 Waterproofing
Low-battery warning system
Swapable Color Covers
265 Pound Weight Limit
320 Watt Battery
30.5 Pound Weight
16" Tires


This is the newest wheel, and they've packed it with features.  The biggest being smartphone programmable.  It's also the best looking wheel, with swappable cover and custom light shows. The main downside is the weight, at over 30 pounds.  But with a large 360 Watt Battery, and this is our overall favorite right now.  


They've actually broken up the range by wait to get you a more accurate measurement, again this is on flat ground, so your typical ride will be shorter.  An 132 lb rider should be able to ride 22 miles.  


Triple safety alarm with sound, light and sense, ensuring a safe driving.
Alarm of over speed, over leaning, low power, internal malfunction and overheating.
Inheriting the intelligent warning system of lighting, leaning backward and vehicle vibration remind of Ninebot.

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