Electric Unicycle Buying Guide

Introducing the perfect combination of a Segway and an unicycle.  These machines use an advanced software algorithms and a gyroscope to maintain your balance.  Just lean forward to accelerate, lean to the side to turn, and lean back to slow down or stop.  Completely hands-free.  All powered by an environmentally friendly rechargeable Lithium Batteries.  Let us guide you on where to find the most reliable models, at the best price.  

 Common Features:
10-14 MPH maximum speed
60-120 minute charge time
10-20 Mile Range
Single and Twin-Wheel Models
Built-in intelligent balancing chip
Light-weight and portable
132-340 Watt Japan-Made Battery
Low-battery warning system


There are many brands out there, we recommend sticking with reliable companies.  Many Chinese company make clones using cheaper batteries and less reliable parts.  You don't want a wheel loosing power when you are going full speed.  We also recommend purchasing directly from Amazon for US customers.  Airwheel, Ninebot, and Solowheel are the brands with the best quality, each with various advantages.  We have detailed all the differences and prices for each model in each section.  The single-wheel models are generally more sporty, and quicker to turn - but take a few hours or more to learn.  The twin-wheel models are more stable, easier to learn, and easier to navigate at slow speeds.

Best Overall - Ninebot One E+

The Ninebot One has so much going for it, this is an easy decision.  By far the best looking, the programmable LED's gives a great look.  The only model to be programmed by smartphone - you can control how aggressive or soft a ride you want.  It's also 30% faster than most models, peaking at 14MPH.  With one of the larger batteries - 320 Watts, range is also not an issue.  

Learn More  - Buy now for $745


Best Value - The Airwheel X3

At under $500, you really can't go wrong with the Airwheel X3.  It's the smallest and lightest unit available.
Learn to ride in only 1-2 hours and be ready to turn some heads as your breeze by.  

Learn More - We have a used model available for $400 in the Baltimore area.  
Contact info@airwheelcity.com to demo/purchase.